Pajek Writer

Pajek Writer – software for generation of structural representation of biochemical processes in format Pajek on a set of the proceeding reactions presented in the form of the list of biochemical reactions.


The present license agreement is the legal document concluded between you, as the User, (the physical or legal person) and the Developer – " Group of modelling " (further "MGSmodelling") concerning specified software product MGSmodelling "PAJEK_WRITER" ("Software product"), including the software which has been written down on corresponding carriers, any printed materials and any "built in" or "electronic" documentation.

Any updatings and additions to the software initially given MGSmodelling concern to "software" also.

"documentation" are meant as printed materials and files with the text, containing the description of components of Software product and being an integral part of Software product.

The license agreement enters validity from the moment of the beginning of use of Software product and acts an extent of all term of use.

Any program components given together with Software product, instructions for use with which are defined by the separate license agreement, are given on conditions of the last. Establishing, copying, loading, providing of access or otherwise using the specified software, you that take up conditions of the present agreement. If you do not agree with conditions of the present license agreement, do not establish and do not use the given software;

1. The license for the program

The software is protected by laws and the international agreements on copyrights, and also other laws and the contracts adjusting the attitudes of intellectual property. The given software product is licensed.

2. Scope of license

MGSmodelling does not give any rights, except for the rights specially stipulated by the present agreement

3. Copyrights

The software product is intellectual property of the Developer – MGSmodelling, the property rights and copyrights, including the documentation and the initial text, belong to the Developer and are protected by the legislation on the copyright.

All the property rights and copyrights to the Software (including, without restriction, any graphic representations included in it, photos, animations, video recordings, sound recordings, music, the text and additional programs), the maintenance of printed materials accompanying it and any copies of the program belong MGSmodelling.

All the property rights and copyrights to the maintenance and concerning it, access to which is given with the program, belong to the owner of copyrights to such maintenance and are protected by laws and the international agreements on the author's and adjacent rights.

In case of infringement of copyrights the responsibility according to norms of the international current legislation is provided.

The present agreement does not give to you any rights to access to the maintenance. If the given Software product contains only the electronic documentation, it is authorized to print copies of this documentation. However, distribution of printed materials accompanying Software product probably only with the consent of MGSmodelling.

4. A subject of the License agreement

Subject of the present License agreement is the right of use of one copy of Software product.

All positions of the present agreement concern to Software product as a whole, and to all to its components separately.

5. The description of the other rights and restrictions

5.1. An interdiction on opening of technology, decompiling and деассемблирование. It is forbidden to open technology, to decompile or деассемблировать Software product except for a case and only in that degree when such actions are obviously resolved by the current legislation, despite of presence in the license agreement of the given restriction.

5.2. Division of components. The software product is licensed as a uniform product. It is forbidden to separate from it parts making it for separate use.

5.3. Trade marks. The present license agreement does not give to you any rights concerning any trademarks or the names belonging MGSmodelling.

5.4. Maintenance service. Any additional programs and the initial texts, transferred to you by way of rendering services on maintenance service, should be considered as a component of Software product and get, thus, under action of restrictions and conditions of the given agreement. Specifications which are informed service of maintenance service during the reference, can be used MGSmodelling for the internal purposes, including maintenance service and development of programs. MGSmodelling will not use the given data in the form of, opening you personally.

5.5. Transfer of software product. The initial licensee has the right to transfer all the rights under the given license agreement and Software product to directly other person for use. Such transfer can include all Software product (including all components, carriers and printed materials, any updatings and the present agreement). Such transfer can be carried out опосредованно or through any third party. The person receiving the program as a result of such lumpsum transfer, should agree with all conditions of the present license agreement, including the obligation (if any) more to transfer nobody Software product and the license for it.

5.6. Cancellation of the agreement. Without damage to any rights MGSmodelling can terminate the present agreement at non-observance of its conditions and restrictions. At cancellation of the agreement you are obliged to destroy all copies available you and components of Software product.

6. Updating of the software

If the Software product is designated as updating, for its use you should have the operating license for use of the Software product, designated MGSmodelling as a product which is a subject updating.

The software product designated as updating, replaces or supplements (thus, probably, disconnecting) the Software product, being with the basis of your right to updating. You have the right to use the Software product received as updating only according to conditions and restrictions of the present license agreement. If the Software product is updating of a component of the software package on which you have received the license as on the uniform product, the given Software product is authorized to be used and transferred only as the integral component of this uniform package and not authorized to separate it for use on several computers.

7. Conditions of use

7.1. The license gives the end user the right of use of one copy of Software product by way of and on the conditions established by the Present agreement at observance of mentioned below conditions and restrictions:

7.1.1. The license is given only to the buyer of Software product who has the right to distribute the given software product to the third parties without restrictions. Distribution of Software product is understood as granting access to the third parties to the components of Software product reproduced in any form, including network and by different ways, and also by sale, hire, letting or lending.

7.1.2. You cannot have more than one working (functioning partially or completely) the given copy of Software product on one or several servers. Thus the license extends only on one Software product which is on one server.

7.2. The user has no right to carry out following activity:

7.2.1. To try to decompile (to transform an objective code to the initial text) programs and other components of Software product;

7.2.2. to make any changes to an objective code of Software product except for what are brought by the means included in the complete set of Software product and are described in the documentation;

7.2.3. To make concerning Software product other actions breaking the international norms under the copyright and use of software.

7.3. In case of infringement of the present license agreement the Developer deprives with the User of the license for use of Software product, thus the Developer completely refuses the guarantee certificates for service and for deliveries of updatings of Software product, and the User is obliged to destroy a Software product available it so that it could not be restored existing means.

8. Conditions of technical support

8.1. Technical support is given only on the versions of Software product got at the Developer.

8.2. Technical support means consultations of the User by e-mail from the moment of purchase of a product in a round-the-clock mode.

8.3. The developer is not responsible for the rules and conditions of technical support of the third parties which are engaged in distribution of Software product.

9. Change and cancellation of the license agreement

9.1. The developer reserves the right to itself to make changes to the present agreement at any moment, preliminary having published changes on the site in networks Internet 30 (thirty) calendar days prior to the introduction of changes by virtue of.

9.2. In case of infringement by the User of any of the above-stated items, the Developer has the right to terminate unilaterally the present agreement, having notified about it the User.

9.3. At cancellation of the present agreement the User is obliged to stop use of Software product and to remove a copy of Software product.

9.4. In case of if the court recognizes any positions of the present license agreement void, the license agreement continues to operate in other part.

10. The responsibility

10.1. The developer does not give any guarantees, obvious or meant, that the Software product will meet your requirements or expectations, will correspond to your purposes and problems. The Developer, other firms or the physical persons concerning creation, manufacture or distribution of Software product, do not bear the responsibility for straight lines or indirect losses (including losses from loss of profit, loss of the commercial information, etc.) property or other character which can arise owing to use or impossibility of use of Software product.

10.2. No other written or oral agreement, given to the User, can expand border of this guarantee.

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